Frequently Asked Questions

What is our definition of "biopharmaceutical?"

IBPA is an organization that is concerned not only with the key issues surrounding the biopharmaceutical industry, but also the progression of clinical research. The relevance of factors affecting clinical research can not be ignored due to the influence that their objectives will have on the global biopharmaceutical market. The integration of both industries is undeniable because in the modern world these two industries combine to create an epic sector in the business community due to both their scale and the resources they occupy. Their continued cooperation and collaboration can not be separated from global R&D efforts and is why they are sometimes spoken about as though they were a single, unified entity. That is why when we refer to "pharmaceutical" or "biopharmaceutical;" we do not follow the scientific definitions due to their inadequacy to ascribe the proper meanings for their use in the industry. According to strict classifications, the vast majority of biopharmaceuticals are pharmaceuticals are derived from or using live organisms (i.e., involve biotechnology), while many outside the industry (e.g., many in the press, stock analysts, drug R&D companies, and to some extent, even BIO and PhRMA) have used the term to cover all products from biotech-like (small, entrepreneurial) companies, even including small molecule drugs, or even going as far as to label all pharmaceuticals in this manner. We follow this common definition of our industry as a sector dealing with research and development of new treatment methods based on new compounds and devices.

Why we express a high level of interest in clinical research?

Clinical research is a legitimate and practical method by which to evaluate the efficiency and safety of biopharmaceutical / pharmaceutical products. As it stands, we see a growing lack of sufficient coordination between the R&D sectors and the clinical research industry to adequately uphold these standards. Our organization is making an enormous effort to serve as a bridge between these two crucial parts of the industry to ensure that the ideals and safeguards of the industry are upheld.

What are our plans in the publishing area? Do we plan to sponsor development of information resources in the biopharmaceutical area?

We plan to utilize multiple mediums in order to achieve our objectives. Through publishing books and databases under our own guidance and other independent mediums to ensure that all avenues are reached.

How many members do we have?

Currently we have over 7000 members, mainly professionals within the industry, along with other private companies and volunteers. Furthermore, we offer associated marketing opportunities for companies within the industry, e.g., access to our mailing lists through our publications.

Do you anticipate becoming involved in trade association-type activities, e.g., public education, defending the industry and lobbying?

With the growth in popularity of our association we are planning to be involved in an array of activities that will allow our organization to evolve along with the industry in order to secure its continued success.

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