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This refund policy has been posted in order to help the consumer make informed choices prior to purchase.

In order to receive consideration for a refund you must contact us at

This must occur within 24 hours of purchasing a service on our portal. Refunds will not be provided after this 24 hour enrollment or once your information has been posted to our portal. Technology-related issues such as bad emails and server problems that delay your information from being posted do not qualify for a refund request. Your inability to view the site on your computer / internet connection does not qualify for a request (however, we will try our best to help put you in contact with technical support personal to aid in any issues of this type).

Any customer service issues regarding the prompt receipt of materials or email notifications or other communication necessary for you to submit or view your postings should first be directed to customer service and then to the IBPA administration if you still are having problems that need our attention and help.

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